Coach Profiles

The CFA has experienced coaches wih many years of professional expertise.

Here are our Skateboard Coaches for 2011:

Name: James Wallace

Age: 18

Years Skateboarding: 7

Years Coaching: 1

Favourite feature at CrawleySkatepark: The Bowl / The Container

Current Set up:  Witchcraft deck 'Apocolyptic Visions' 8.5, Indy 149 trucks, Bones SPF wheels.

Favourite Skater: Josh Borden / Sid Melvin

Fave Trick: Lien air if its to see or Stalefish if its favourite one i can do? rad



Name: Sean Downey

Age: 19

Years Skateboarding: 2 and a half

Years Coaching:

Favourite feature at CrawleySkatepark: The mini-ramp/ 4 foot.

Current Set up: 8inch Jart (ivan rivado model), s class-silver trucks, spitfire (52") wheels, bones china reds bearings.

Favourite Skater: Shane O'Neill.

Fave Trick: The Merlin flip.



Name: Lucy Adams

Age: 27

Years Skateboarding: 11

Years Coaching: 5

Favourite feature at CrawleySkatepark: Curved 4 ft Quarter

Current Set up: Lovenskate Tea-Riffic 7.75 deck, Bones SPF 56mm wheels, Bones swiss bearings and Indy 139's

Favourite Skater: Trev Wedd

Fave Trick: Backside Tailslide


Name: David 'Stitch' Gilmour


Years Skateboarding:

Years Coaching:

Favourite feature at CrawleySkatepark:

Current Set up:

Favourite Skater:

Fave Trick: